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Traveling Exhibition - Hateful Things Gallery (Retired 2005-2022)

Curator's Note: These images make up the Jim Crow Museum's traveling exhibition -- a sampling of the 10,000 pieces that represent nearly 150 years of anti-Black, racist objects and images. Each piece is accompanied by a didactic panel explaining its historical and cultural significance. The traveling exhibition has made its way around the state of Michigan at various colleges and universities.

  • Framed Images
  • "Running Nigger Target"
  • Picaninny caricature on sand bag.
  • Hair pressing and straightening items.
  • Framed items on wall.
  • Wholly wig and blackface makeup
  • "The Ten Little Niggers" cut out cartoon.
  • Caricatured clown target.
  • Stereotyped images of black men and children.
  • "White Only" and "Colored" signs.
  • World's Fair Freaks poster.
  • "We reserve the right to Seat out customers!" and "W reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" placards.
  • Ghettopoly game.
  • Old Maid cards.
  • Letter
  • "Nigger Head" and "Rastus" calendars.
  • Cream of Wheat advertisements.
  • "I AM A MAN" protest sign.
  • Artist rendition of a lynching.
  • Lynched effigies of voters.
  • Framed pieces on wall.
  • Lester Maddox club and picture of him holding a gun to black man.
  • Klan Johnny Rebel items.
  • "No Niggers"
"No Jews"
"No Dogs" sign.
  • Framed items on wall.
  • Prison Bait movie poster.
  • "Alligator Bait" picture.
  • "Little Black Sambo" books.
  • "Coon Chicken Inn" items
  • Savage masks.
  • Picture of "Savage" family.
  • "Savage" woman items.
  • "I went all de way wif L.B.J." tin.
  • Jet Magazine article on skin lightening.
  • Aunt Jemima ads.