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Donated Artifacts

Donate to the Jim Crow Museum

Donating artifacts to the Museum

The Jim Crow Museum is temporarily halting the acceptance of artifact donations for its permanent collection. This decision comes as a result of the overwhelming generosity shown by the museum community in recent years, which has led to a shortage of storage space. By pausing donations, the museum aims to create breathing room for its staff to reorganize storage spaces and focus on other urgent tasks.

If you're interested in supporting the museum, there are alternative ways to contribute, such as helping us achieve our fundraising goals for a larger facility. For more details, you can visit the museum's expansion webpage or contact them directly at [email protected]. Your understanding and support during this time are greatly appreciated.

Expanding the Museum

For nearly two decades the Jim Crow Museum has used contemporary racist and primarily anti-Black artifacts to tell the story of African American resiliency. It is a teaching model which has been wildly successful, and now is the time to expand that story. As we embark on the construction of a new museum, archive, and research facility, we need champions who will help us keep our work moving forward.

Together, a better world is possible.



Rendering of the Jim Crow Museum's future facility on the campus of Ferris State University