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Racist Clothing

Q: Does the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Imagery contain any objects related to fashion? I am a fashion historian researching how racist stereotypes and caricatures were perpetuated in fashionable clothing and accessories. I know the museum has some costumes and t-shirts, but I'm wondering if you have fashionable clothing — possibly made of textiles that feature racist imagery, buttons with racist caricatures, etc.

~Jacqueline W.
Chicago, Illinois

A: Thanks for the question, aside from Klan robes, the Jim Crow Museum has a number of items that could qualify as “racist” clothing or accessories. Here are some pictures and descriptions of some items.

Minstrel show itemsThe Jim Crow Museum has items related to minstrel shows, masks, gloves and wigs

White Supremecy hatsWhite supremacy baseball caps 

Longwood syrup apronApron with a Longwood Plantation’s syrup label attached

purseSavage caricature purse 

white Golliwog sweaterWhite Golliwog sweater

blue Golliwog sweaterBlue Golliwog sweater 

Golliwog knitting patternsGolliwog sweater knitting patterns (the museum does not own a copy of the patterns)

heart bib“I heart Niggers that are dead!” bib

family tree shirt

"The Nigger Family Tree” t-shirt

head wrap

Confederate battle flag head wrap. 

vomick bib

"I'ze figna vomick!" bib 

underwearRichards & Pringle’s Famous Minstrels thong underwear and Nappy-Headed Hose boxer briefs

No N Apron

"No Niggers" apron

white prode hat and tie

"White Pride World Wide" tie and hat

racist t shirts

The Jim Crow Museum has numerous racist t-shirts

Nappy headed hat

"Nappy Headed Pimps" cap 

Halloween masksHalloween masks

savage apronSavage caricature aprons 

Picaninny apron

Picaninny caricature apron


Caricatured savage skirt

Franklin Hughes
Jim Crow Museum