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Racism and Japanese Children's Cartoons

Dear Leftist Anti-Freedom F*ckwad:

Your insinuations that Japanese children's cartoons are racist because they portray characters with features similar to that of a minstrel in blackface, and that the image of a stoned Rastafarian (along with the insinuations of others) have opened up the door for a whole new wave of censorship and oppression. All you have done is perpetuate the racial and cultural tension that create such hateful ideals.

Firstly, the Rastafarian image, while somewhat disrespectful, is not at all inaccurate. The Rastafarian faith centers around study of Biblical text while under the influence of cannabis. This is because of the belief that God bestowed upon man ALL seed baring plants for his prosperity. You would know this if you had done any research before insinuating that an entire religion is racist against it's own people.

Secondly, it's worth noting that The Jynx and Mr. Popo images originate from Japan, a country where black people are not so commonly seen, while ignorant and perhaps somewhat offensive, pressuring artists and media to alter their work in favour of your sensitivity, is selfish and fascist. Furthermore, it's interesting that you draw attention to the Japanese portrayal of black Americans but not the American portrayal of Asians. If you're devoted to fighting racism, why only mention racism against blacks?

Not to mention that black Americans refer to "crackers" and "honkeys" on a regular basis, while black comedians portray whites in a highly stereotypical manner. You can claim fair play because of the generations of stereotypical black portrayals, except for the fact that such imagery is no longer allowed to exist. Censorship is the purest form of oppression, and the fact that an image or idea offends is not reason to silence it.

In light of all of this; it seems to me that rather than being in favour of equality, you're really in favour of black supremacy. Fascist.

Resentfully yours,

-N. Palmer
Supreme Galactic Emperor Napalm
-- Dec. 1, 2010