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Slandering the Babies

***The staff of the Jim Crow Museum receives dozens of letters and emails. Some of these communiques offer insight into race relations -- historically and in the present. While some are hateful, we have decided to share some of these letters and emails with our Internet visitors.***

Arrest Black Babies

I am a student at Miami University, and one of my classes uses your website to discuss the roots and evolution of racism as promoted through visual imagery. I read a little about the collection and saw that you were always adding things, especially contemporary items to show that racism is still alive and well (which is something I strongly believe).

Anyway, here is a t-shirt that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago. I can't think of any item that better depicts the stereotypes Americans hold towards black people, and also stereotypes that they promote to other cultures about blacks in America. I hope you find this more helpful than offensive.

Best Regards,

Belinda J. Fleming
Miami University
-- March 22, 2005