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Instant Rapper

Instant Rapper
Pimp Gear

Want to be a rap star? You don't need to know how to sing as long as you've got the right "bling." At least, that's what the creators of the Instant Rapper Kit might have you believe. The Instant Rapper Kit comes complete with a set of gold upper teeth, a gaudy #1 medallion necklace, and a large, jewel-encrusted gold ring featuring 3 dollar signs to allow the wearer to have an "authentic" rap star look. It is interesting to note that in addition to playing on the stereotypes associated with rap artists, the jewelry featured in this costume kit is very similar to pieces used in portrayals of pimps.

(accessed 9/5/2012)

Product Description

"Give it up for the homie made it good. Instant Rapper Kit features fake upper gold toothed denture, bling necklace and dollar signs knuckle ring."