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Obama Pin Cushion

Obama Pin Cushion front
Obama Pin Cushion side
mammy Pin Cushion
hitler Pin Cushion

Marketed as a future collectible on eBay, the Obama pin cushion is nearly identical in design and is compared to an Adolf Hitler pin cushion from the World War II era. It is interesting that an item featuring the image of President Obama mimics the design of and is equated with an item bearing the likeness of a man who promoted the idea of Aryan supremacy and who is revered by members of white supremacist organizations.

The Obama Pin Cushion is no longer available on EBay (accessed 7/9/2012)

Product Description

"This is your chance to stick it to the man! Made of durable polyresin and hand painted it will be a valued collectible in years to comes as is the Hitler Pin Cushion that currently sells for 150 dollars in good condition. It will be the perfect Christmas gift. All items are new in the box and will be shipped immediately after confirmation of payment through Pay Pal. Free shipping in the US ( excluding Alaska & Hawaii). Pricing for other locations available upon request. Got Pins?"