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Find a Way José!

Find A Way Jose

The sliding block puzzle genre of gaming apps has become increasing popular in recent times. The creators of the Find a Way, José! app capitalized on the popularity of the brain-teasing puzzle genre by crafting a game in which users slide Tetris-style blocks to create a path for José, "an absolute bum you can't help but fall in love with," to traverse the maze of blocks and obstacles and reach his treasured tequila. To conquer the game, users must solve 90 different puzzles that take Jose on a journey through 6 different worlds. When users complete all puzzles, they are able to view a congratulatory video with an admittedly "absurd" song that reveals that José's whole journey was actually nothing more than a drunken hallucination that was the result of drinking a whole bottle of tequila with a bad worm.

Alien Level

Product Description

"Slide away irregularly shaped blocks in all-4 directions to pave the way for José to his long-lost potion."

Link to Find a Way, José! app (accessed 5/24/2017)