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"Jolly Obama Bank"

Jolly Obama Bank

Over 100 years after the creation of the original "Jolly Nigger" mechanical banks, consumers were offered the first opportunity to purchase a "Jolly Obama Bank" following the 2008 presidential election. Displaying extremely similar, highly caricatured features such as large, accentuated lips and eyes that roll back into the head when change is inserted into the mouth of the bank, the "Jolly Obama Bank" was admittedly inspired by and created to mimic the original "Jolly Nigger" banks. Additionally, the "Jolly Obama Bank" has a double white sash painted across the chest that was added to the design in an attempt to depict "Islamic" attire. Marketed as a novelty item or satirical gag gift, the "Jolly Obama Bank" nevertheless can be seen as a re-creation of longstanding caricatured black imagery with the addition of contemporary racist innuendo that many individuals have used to depict all Muslims as terrorists following 9/11. With the upcoming 2012 presidential election, the creators of the "Jolly Obama Bank" made a slight alteration to their original 2008 design, which featured red lips like the "Jolly Nigger" banks of old, to create the 2012 version pictured on this site with purple lips.  site no longer exists (accessed 7/9/2012)

Jolly N bank

Product Description

"It seems like everybody was talking about CHANGE, BANKS, JOBS and LIPSTICK ON PIGS during the campaign. A Jolly Obama Bank, or J.O.B., is the ultimate satirical solution for combining ALL these themes in a unique political souvenir from the 2008 election. Just what makes jolly obama so jolly- Is it because all he's got in his head is a mechanism to get your money? And... this nostalgic black americana replica is a shade more politically correct than the 1892 originals. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! They say good jobs are hard to find, and are being shipped overseas... but you can get a J.O.B. shipped to you here in the USA for only $100! Your office cubicle is not complete... without a Jolly Obama Bank sitting right on top. Jolly Obama is sure to heat up your conversations with liberal associates. Jolly Obama Bank has many uses... Use your J.O.B. as a paperweight, as a prop for your blog, or in a video like Spike Lee did with "Bamboozled" a few years ago."