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"Dixie Services"

Dixie Services

One of the challenges of the Jim Crow Museum is to correct misinformation. In the news story, "Post Falls company under fire for racist image” the owner of Dixie Services mentioned that the caricatured image used for the company's logo was "a very happy child like a lot of children were in the 1800s." This is his attempt to justify the use of the Picaninny Freeze image. However, the Picaninny Freeze product wasn’t created until 1922; subsequently, neither was the graphic design for the logo. Yes, similar images like the Picaninny Freeze caricature were used prior to 1922, but the fact remains, this is not a product or logo from the 1800s.In another instance, the gentleman is mistaken when he refers to the flag on the company’s trucks as the Confederate flag. Yes it is a flag of the Confederacy, but it is not the Confederate States flag. It is the Confederate Battle flag. One could argue that the “heritage” of the war and the “heritage” of the Confederacy are two different heritages (both have a number of reasons to be rejected), but the fact remains, the narrative of the object's origin and place in time is wrong.Ignorance abounds. Even the narratives used to justify the use of the racist imagery are flawed and inaccurate. It is our job to not only fight against racist imagery, but to also fight against false historical claims.1922 Picaninny Freeze ad. Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin) · Sat, Aug 12, 1922 · Page 11

Picaninny Freeze ad

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Dixie Services has chosen to display the Confederate Battle flag on the front of their service trucks along with having the image of the Picaniny Freeze ad between two words "Dixie" and "Services" on the side of the trucks