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Cannibals Game play
Cannibals game over

Cannibals is a free game that can be played on multiple platforms and is available from Amazon or at the website of the game developer, DS Effects. The goal is to shoot the falling cannibals before they reach the bottom of the screen and climb the palm tree the hunter is in. If the hunter fails to shoot all the cannibals, they climb the tree and apparently strangle him to death.

The “Cannibals” are brown skinned, wear grass loin coverings, have a ring in their nose, a bone in their hair, and have sharp animalistic teeth. The white hunter sits in a basket attached to a palm tree; the basket moves up and down the tree as he shoots the cannibals coming down from the sky.

Link to Cannibals game(accessed 5/24/2017)

Company Description

DS Effects is an Italian developer and publisher. Their stated goal is to “create the most interesting and useful products for web sites, tablets and mobile phones.”